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The moshikame is a basic kendama trick, but doesn’t get much respect outside of Japan. The Guiness Book of World Records has a kendama world record, but it’s for the moshikame, like eight hours or something. But you never see people posting YouTube edits of their moshikame.

Anyway, you see videos of kids doing it in Japan.

What does Moshikame mean? It’s apparently taken from the lyrics of a children’s song about the Tortoise and the Hare folktale. Don’t know that one? It was written by some dude named Aesop (don’t know his last name — if anyone has his e-mail address, shoot it along to me, and I’ll link to his Facebook page). Wikipedia explains the story here.

The Moshikame song has a good 120 beat to it that is perfect for keeping up the rhythm of the moshikame kendama trick. So kids in Japan sing the song while doing the trick. Kendama Romania had some links to two videos of the song, but they seem to have gone dead now.

But I found an English translation of the lyrics, done by Mai over at the Best Kendama. Here they are for your enjoyment:

(The hare)
Hello Mr. Tortoise
You’re the slowest creature in the world
Why are you so slow?

(The tortoise)
You impertinent Mr. Hare
If you think you’re so fast
Let’s have a race to the foot of the hill over there
And see who wins

(The hare)
No matter how much Mr. Tortoise tries
He won’t be able to get to the hill before dark
I’m tuckered out from hopping, so I’ll take a nap
Snore, snore, snore

(The hare)
Oh my, I’ve overslept!
Hop, hop, hop

(The tortoise)
You’re too late Mr. Hare
I’ve beat you to the hill
You shouldn’t have been so overconfident!